Amazing First Class for Pranic Healing Richmond

What a lovely class we all had together this past weekend. As the month of June began, so did the Pranic healing journey for our new Level 1 Pranic Healing Students. What an engaging and joyful group of women. We are so lucky to welcome them to the Pranic Healing community. Congratulations to each one of them!

Our teacher was a big reason for such a successful weekend. Brittany’s love for the teachings and people alike, shone through her beautiful smile all weekend long. She was gracious, energetic, and showered us all with her knowledge, charm and grace.

We learnt about chakras, our energy anatomy, energy hygiene, and how to “see” energy with our activated hands. We learnt how to receive energy from the environment, and how to project this energy to heal. We learnt how to clean our and other’s auras, chakras and health rays, and how to dispose of dirty energy safely. We learnt how to use simple but powerful protocols to heal many of life’s ailments, and why sometimes healing may not occur.

We healed each other with Pranic Healing, but also with laughter and shared stories. We meditated together and danced together. It never surprises me how the spirit in each person can recognize and respond to the spirit in others, especially in a setting that allows you to remember your true self.

Our students are full of the energy to serve themselves, their families, and fellow man. The ripples of this new knowledge will be far reaching, helping many people to come.

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