Introduction to Pranic Healing

One of our God given rights is an innate ability to heal and relieve our pain, and the pain of the ones we love and care about, with our own two hands. Whether this is physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, relationship, or financial pain.

However, many of us have forgotten how, because we have forgotten that energy is everything, and everything is energy. EVERYTHING is energy. Money is energy. Emotions are energy. Our bodies are energy. Our relationships are energy. Our thoughts are energy.

When we live in the flow, and energy is flowing well, we are healthy, but if energy is congested or blocked in one or more areas of our lives, that part becomes dis-eased. Restoring flow is a big part of relieving the “pain”, whether it is financial, physical, psychological, emotional, or spiritual.

If we use an energy management system like Pranic Healing to address energetic disruptions, congestion, or blockages in the energetic field(s) before they manifest, we can avoid the pain that comes to get us back on course, saving us a lot of time, money, and discomfort.

Pranic Healing is an energy management system that uses “prana” or life force energy to restore flow. It is both an integrative medicine solution, as well as a bridge to spirituality and enlightenment, well suited to people who want to stay healthy, have more energy, learn to meditate, improve their overall quality of life, and spiritually evolve.

Pranic Healing is for EVERYONE. Whether you are a bus driver, a teacher, a doctor, a fireman, or an accountant, Pranic Healing is a simple yet effective tool that anyone can learn, no matter how impervious you might be to subtle energies, or to the “woowoo” stuff.

Master Choa Kok Sui, the founder of Pranic Healing in modern times, had a goal of demystifying the world of energy for us, of helping every family have at least one healer.  Since energy is flowing when there is wellness, and not when there is an issue, Master Choa Kok Sui knew that we all would eventually need an energy management system that we could all work with. And since he was trained as a chemical engineer, and was also a businessman, philanthropist, author and spiritual teacher, (in other words, not a master living in a cave in the Himalayas but instead amongst us), Master Choa Kok Sui understood our modern lifestyle, and the problems that come with it.

My name is Danièlle Fouché Leonard, and I am a representative of Master Choa Kok Sui. I grew up in South Africa before moving over to the USA in 1994 when I was recruited to be an IT consultant.

While working as an IT consultant I completed my undergraduate degree in mathematical biology and computer science, and later went on to complete my Masters in Information Systems. I am an engineer and a scientist, and reached the top of my field as an IT Executive leading over 80 people as both a Vice President and acting CIO for a 1.4 Billion dollar company.

But I was not fulfilled. I had not found meaning in my life. I had a spiritual yearning that demanded to find expression. I attended seminars and read books, but it was not enough.

Then in 2012 my life changed forever when I was given the Basic Pranic Healing class as a 40th birthday present. While this at first seemed like another spiritual class out of many, I found that Pranic Healing actually became a way of life. It exposed me to deep spiritual truths and esoteric teachings, taught me how to build my character and be of service to my community, how to manifest prosperity and abundance, how to find the flow and purpose of my life, and of course, it also taught me a powerful energy healing modality. Quite simply, Pranic Healing put the heart and meaning back into all aspects of my life.

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