So thankful to know you

I feel more calm. The session with you sure helped me with sleeping. It also helped my friend Lucy who you also healed. She also feels much more settled down. So the two of us are so thankful to know you. Thanks again Danielle!

A good listener with a non-judgmental approach towards people’s problems

Since I am a healer myself, I understand that good spiritual growth and years of Pranic Healing practice of a person makes his/her healings immensely effective. Danielle’s strong discipline, dedication and complete precision towards her spiritual practices clearly reflect in her personality, healings, thoughts, words and gestures. She has been practicing Pranic Healing for many years now and I am completely aware of the precision she observes around following Master’s teachings.

After the Basic Pranic Healing class was conducted in Richmond, Danielle opened her house twice a month for 2 hours each time for the Pranic Healers to meditate together and then practice healing under her guidance and knowledge which she gathered over the last many years of practice and discipline. It was free of cost. Those sessions contributed a lot towards making me a healer that I am today. I have done many healings since then with so much more effectiveness just because my healing skills were groomed in those sessions.

Since Pranic Healing is an art as well as a science, I learnt some techniques from Danielle to do the healings more efficiently. I learnt the importance and exact significance of some other practices and the repercussions of not doing those properly.

Last year there was a situation in my family when someone was really down with all kinds of psychological disorder like anger, resentment, depression, negative thoughts, abuse etc.. I called Danielle and she agreed to do the healing at a very short notice. She did just 1 healing and the improvement was so visible in the behavior of the patient. Patient was very calm and had no signs of abuse and anger. Very thankful to her.

If I talk about our conversations, first and foremost, Danielle is a good listener. She and I connected so well whenever we talked about our spiritual experiences. There was no Judgement. Whenever I had any question about healing and Arhatic yoga practice, Danielle was a phone call away. We shared so many spiritual ideas and experiences with each other and gained so much out of it.  She recommended some good books which made a permanent mark on my spiritual growth and a lot more. Being connected with a spiritually developed person when you start your spiritual journey is a big plus.

Danielle is exemplary when it comes to following the discipline of performing spiritual practices and hence, a person who keeps me inspired. I would recommend Danielle’s services to others. Psychotherapy is one area where she can do wonders.

You’ve been integral in helping me find a healthier path in life

I chose to have healing sessions with Danielle because I was feeling like I needed to embrace something new, and I didn’t see the answer in traditional Western medicine. Danielle really listened to me, and gave sincere advice. I felt comfortable talking about personal issues that I don’t usually share. I went from experiencing sleep paralysis multiple times a week for many months straight, to only a couple of times in the past year. Also, now I’m prepared to handle it when it occasionally occurs, I understand how important it is to meditate.
If you’re hesitant to try something new, Danielle will guide you every step of the way. Her explanations are clear and informative, she will provide you with helpful resources and her genuine love for what she does will make you realize that you’re in good hands.
Since my sessions with Danielle, I’ve decided to not only take better care of my body, but also really delve into what was blocking my sixth chakra. I now eat much healthier and get more exercise, I also meditate to ease my anxiety. I’ve also been seeking help from a therapist to help explore what personal pain I need to address in order to allow my chakra to flow freely. It’s a journey I had been putting off until I started my pranic healing sessions. After my time with Danielle, I was inspired to become a vegetarian. She really made me realize that taking care of my body would help with my mental health. I no longer suffer from severe sleep paralysis, my anxiety has decreased and I now make more time for self-care. The level of care that I’m receiving by addressing my physical, mental and spiritual health is so much more balanced than just therapy alone. I would recommend pranic healing sessions with Danielle to anyone, especially those I love!

Angela Lloyd
Glen Allen, VA

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